Islam is built on peace and love for humanity

Allah said to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.a : “and WE have (not) sent you(Oh Muhammad s.a.w.a)(except)as Mercy to the worlds” Quran.

Linguistically, if you omit (not and except) from the verse, the true message of Allah turns out to be “OH MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.A.) WE HAVE SENT YOU AS A MERCY TO THE WORLDS not to Muslims or Christians or Buddhists or shia or Sunni OR tijaniyya or Qaadiriyyah or naqashbandiya or Atheists or only by the Quran, Muhammad (s.a.w.a) is the Mercy of God and the Mercy of God knows no boundaries….. So, if you are a Muslim, it is a must upon u to live in peace and love with all always.

True Islam is peace and love to all humanity without segregation, anything else is something else. let’s be like Muhammad (s.a.w.a).

By Hussain Islam