universality of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.a.???

“and we have not sent you except as a mercy to the creation”…Quran

Followers and believers in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.a owe it a duty to technically emulate their leader, the most peaceful and peace loving MAN and above all very merciful, better still, he is the divine mercy of Allah sent to creation. Muhammad’s s.a.w.a mercifuness Was not limited to muslims or humans only, it was a comprehensive mercy of Allah he came to signify, unto Muslims, Christians, budhists, Jews, etc humans, animals, plants, stones, air, angels, jinns etc…….. He was really a mercy to all creation of Allah, so if you are a Muslim and claim to live your life according to the teachings of Muhammad s.a.w.a, make peace and be merciful unto all without segregation. Allah is truly merciful unto the merciful.

God bless you.

Hussain Islam.