the plight of sister sirina….

With tears Islam for humanity intl listened to a kind hearted lady, sister sirina, who has suffered a lot and is still in pain, due to her broken spinal cord,she became paralyzed , has kidney problem and occasional ceizure,she fell and broke her spinal cord and since then her life has been married to pain and tears. She underwent her first surgery at the 37 military hospital in Ghana Accra, however, the doctors were honest enough to be frank to her that she needs a second surgery on her spinal cord which would make her bounce back to good health again, but she MUST be flown to overseas for that surgery because there is no such facilities needed for her second surgery in Ghana, sister sirina doesn’t have the financial strength to pay her medical bills and buy her prescribed drugs,not to talk of flying outside for her surgery, because she hasnt been working for 8years Now, how can a paralyzed person work?  she depends on the support of kind hearted people like you,, we herein call upon any God loving, kind hearted, lover of humanity and faithful person to come to the aid of sister sirina, because she is extremely suffering…. Let’s live for each other for the sake of God..

Service to humanity is the aim of Islam.