save humanity in BURMA!!!

Right to life is an entrenched fundamental human right, every sane constitution or policy codification or nation must practically respect that else it is evil. However, the Muslims in Burma are being painfully denied this fundamental right for humanity, gross genocide of Muslims and against humanity is being ironed on them by the Budhists…where are the Muslim world leaders ? It is not enough to send them money or say u will move your army towards Burma, just go and save your brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity…. I am beginning to believe the words of my honest Christian friend While we were both attending  college, Maxwell, he said” all political  transnational organizations don’t have humanity at heart, especially against Muslims “. The ultimate crime of the Muslims of Burma is that they are Muslims….. If Muslims are quiet about their brothers and sisters in Burma, are there no humans in the world anymore?????we are also powerless, we would have wiped out the oppressors in Burma…  Our hearts and tears are with you, oh Muslims of Burma… 

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